Terms & Conditions

NOTE: This English translation is only for reference and is not legally binding. The legally binding version is the German version which can be viewed on the German version of this website.

  • License terms

  • (effective as of June 25th, 2008)
  • This describes the terms and conditions of the license to use the Big Red Zebra Software ("Software") provided by Big Red Zebra GbR ("Big Red Zebra").

    This license is a contract between

    • Big Red Zebra GbR
      Petersstr. 1
      60313 Frankfurt

    and you

    • ("Customer").
  • 1. Rights to use and License fee
    • 1.1 The Software is offered in two different versions: As a free "Test version" and as a purchased "Full version".
    • 1.2 The "Test version" is free, but it only works for a limited time. You may install the Software on one mobile phone and you may use it during the limited test period in order to determine if you want to buy it, however you may not redistribute the Software to anyone else. Your friends can also download a "Test version" of the Software from the website themselves to try it out.
    • 1.3 In order to use the "Full version" you must pay a license fee. You are then allowed to install the Software on one mobile phone and you may use the Software for as long as you want. The "Full version" of the Software does not expire.
    • 1.4 The following rules apply to both the "Test version" and the "Full version": You are not allowed to redistribute, sell, or use the Software for commercial purposes. You also are not allowed to modify, sell, or "reverse engineer" the Software or the data contained within the Software. The terms of §§ 69 a ff UrhG apply.
  • 2. Delivery via Download
    • 2.1 Delivery of the Software is only via Internet download. It is possible that you will incur additional costs for the download (eg: data transmission charges or data connection charges from your Internet service provider or your mobile phone service provider). These additional costs are to be borne solely by you and will not be reimbursed by Big Red Zebra in case of contract cancellation.
  • 3. Guarantee, Liability
    • 3.1 Big Red Zebra has carefully collected and verified the public transport information, the pharmacy information (including the emergency pharmacy plan) and other third-party data. However, Big Red Zebra does not guarantee that this data is complete or correct. Big Red Zebra is not required to provide updates or upgrades at any time.
    • 3.2 Big Red Zebra has carefully tested the Software on all supported mobile phones, however there is no guarantee that the Software will function correctly on your mobile phone.
    • 3.3 Big Red Zebra's liability related to this contract is limited to the amount of the license fee.
  • 4. Privacy
    • 4.1 The personal data that you provide will be handled carefully and used only according to the German data privacy law (Datenschutzrecht). Big Red Zebra will never store, publicize or share your location with anyone.
  • 5. Support
    • 5.1 For support issues, problems or questions reagrding the Software, please send an email to support@bigredzebra.de.
  • 6. Applicable law, Jurisdiction
    • 6.1 German law is applicable. The UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is excluded.
    • 6.2 The Court of Jurisdiction for any disagreements arising from this contract is Frankfurt am Main.
    • 6.3 In case any clause (or part thereof) in this contract is deemed invalid or inexecutable, this has no effect on the remainder of the contract.