Privacy policy

We care about your privacy! We ask that you provide us with your mobile phone number and your email address for the following reasons:

In order to send you a download SMS we need your mobile phone number. We also want to be able to notify you when a new version of Big Red Zebra (with new data and/or new features) is available. We will send you an email and/or an SMS to inform you when updates are available. If we know what model of mobile phone you have, then we can send you a download SMS that you can use to get the latest version for your phone.

We store your mobile phone number and email address in our contact database for the sole purpose of contacting you about new versions (updates) of Big Red Zebra. We promise not to give or sell your contact information to anyone. Ever. We hate those SPAM mails and SMS just as much as you do. We will never call your mobile phone number.

If you don't want us to contact you then you can tell us and we will remove your contact information from our database. Just send an email to support (at) bigredzebra (dot) de or use our online feedback form. It's that simple.

Big Red Zebra does not record or store your location, nor does it transmit your location to any server or any third party. Big Red Zebra does not track, record, store or transmit your pharmacy choices, public transit choices or dialled telephone numbers.