Meet the Zebra

Big Red Zebra is an application for your mobile phone. It comes chock-full of useful information for your city. Big Red Zebra can help you find a nearby pharmacy in the middle of the night, figure out the best connection on the public transit network, o­r give you the number of a local taxi service.

When you start Big Red Zebra you will see this screen.

This is the main menu and has icons for all the different functions of Big Red Zebra. In the top right corner the current time is displayed (this is important because a lot of the functions are time-relevant) as well as the location indicator icon.

The location indicator will be green if Big Red Zebra knows your location, it will be yellow if Big Red Zebra is unsure of your location and it will be red if Big Red Zebra is unable to determine your location. If you have told Big Red Zebra where you are (manual positioning) then the location indicator icon will look like hand (a hand).

The functions are as follows (you can click on the functions for more detailed information):

Big Red Zebra is fast and easy to use. Just click, click, click and you'll have the information you need in seconds.